WordPress Themes

We’re just going to come right out and say it, Themes are the fun part of WordPress site development. Let’s face it, looking at a ton of sites, browsing through designs, allowing all of that inspiration to drive your ideas? That’s fun. And when we become partners in the development of your website or blog, this is the part we like you to do.

Themes are what give your site its “look.” There are thousands of free themes out there (this site is built on a free theme as an example) as well as thousands more you pay for. The difference often comes with complexity of design, “cool” features and, most importantly, a solid support team behind it.


We’re a developer affiliate with Elegant Themes, a highly-regarded team of theme developers providing people like us a beautiful starting point already geared toward your need. As a result of our affiliation with Elegant Themes, all of their themes are available to you, free of charge. SO, bonus, right? Free theme for you AND a solid support team to rely on. Win-win.


We love a lot free themes, like these, for instance (just a few ideas):


Simple Corp by Site5 (upon which this site is built)

Responsive by ThemeID

Origin by AlienWP


Darwin by PixelThemes

Portfolio Press by Devin Price


Look no further than Studio Press. Fantastic designs, outstanding framework and ultra-flexible.