SEO: Not scary, just kind of boring

SEOSearch Engine Optimization. So, here’s the deal… search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing will look for keywords in your content (and meta tags) and return those to the user in the form of “rankings,” the number of times those keywords appear on your page and the relevance of those keywords to the user’s search. Among other things. Simple, huh? Well, kind of, yes. Time-consuming? You bet.

Run a quick search, using any of those search engines, for the term SEO and you will quickly be inundated with “How to dominate search engine rankings!” or “Become an SEO expert in five minutes!” or, you can let me take care of all that.

I’m not making light of it in any way. The truth is, it’s really very important if your goal is to promote your business, your brand or why you’re relevant to your industry. You’ve worked hard, you deserve to have people find you when they need you. I can help with all of that. When I build your site I’ll cover your SEO needs. You might not have any, but if you do, I’ll make it easy on ya. Promise.

If you’d like to learn more, take some time and enjoy these sites:

Believe me, spend just a little bit of time on those sites and you will quickly understand just how much there is to raising your profile according to the search engines.