WordPress Themes

We’re just going to come right out and say it, Themes are the fun part of WordPress site development. Let’s face it, looking at a ton of sites, browsing through designs, allowing all of that inspiration to drive your ideas? That’s fun. And when we become partners in the development of your website or blog, this is the part we like you to do.

Themes are what give your site its “look.” There are thousands of free themes out there (this site is built on a free theme as an example) as well as thousands more you pay for. The difference often comes with complexity of design, “cool” features and, most importantly, a solid support team behind it.


I’m a developer affiliate with a couple of incredible WordPress theme sites. For the most part, my sites begin with the Genesis ThemesWordPress framework or the Elegant Themes collection.

Studio Press is the creator of the Genesis Framework. If your website was a car (work with me here) then Genesis would be your “chassis.” On top of that chassis we would bolt on a body, or in this case a “Theme,” the way your site looks. Studio Press creates incredibly functional, beautiful themes that are mobile-ready, SEO tuned and highly customizable.

I’m also a developer affiliate with Elegant Themes, a highly-regarded team of theme developers providing people like us a beautiful starting point already geared toward your need. As a result of our affiliation with Elegant Themes, all of their themes are available to you, free of charge. SO, bonus, right? Free theme for you AND a solid support team to rely on. Win-win.


We love a lot of free themes, like these, for instance (just a few ideas):


Simple Corp by Site5. Highly useful for simple business sites. I can get you up and running in short order for low cost.

Responsive by ThemeID. The most downloaded free theme on the internet.

Origin by AlienWP


Darwin by PixelThemes

Portfolio Press by Devin Price


Look no further than Studio Press. Fantastic designs, outstanding framework and ultra-flexible.

SEO: Not scary, just kind of boring

SEOSearch Engine Optimization. So, here’s the deal… search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing will look for keywords in your content (and meta tags) and return those to the user in the form of “rankings,” the number of times those keywords appear on your page and the relevance of those keywords to the user’s search. Among other things. Simple, huh? Well, kind of, yes. Time-consuming? You bet.

Run a quick search, using any of those search engines, for the term SEO and you will quickly be inundated with “How to dominate search engine rankings!” or “Become an SEO expert in five minutes!” or, you can let me take care of all that.

I’m not making light of it in any way. The truth is, it’s really very important if your goal is to promote your business, your brand or why you’re relevant to your industry. You’ve worked hard, you deserve to have people find you when they need you. I can help with all of that. When I build your site I’ll cover your SEO needs. You might not have any, but if you do, I’ll make it easy on ya. Promise.

If you’d like to learn more, take some time and enjoy these sites:

Believe me, spend just a little bit of time on those sites and you will quickly understand just how much there is to raising your profile according to the search engines.